Colourful Silence 5

Colourful Silence 5

About meqanic

About me My life is divided in two halves. One half is dedicated to work for the danish state, in the Ministry of Education. The other half is occupied with activities due to a humble wish to be an artist. A painter, to be specific. I live alone in a small flat near the centre of town. I use it as a work studio and a place to sleep. When I´m not at work I use a lot of time, out in the open, with my camera and my sketch block, researching motives for new paintings. I exercise some, running and power yoga, in order to overcome my restlessness and stay healthy. Prevention is better than cure! I´ve begun to meditate more often. Need to stay focused before starting on a new painting. My work My job makes it possible to be a citizen among citizens. I pay my taxes with joy. I feel lucky to be a part of a democracy. The essence of what I do at work is communication and service. My work as a painter, is harder and much more troublesome, than my job in the ministry, but at the same time: Much more ALIVE!! I dont´t have to make money as a painter. That gives me the freedom to paint what i want. I do make portraits, from time to time, and people pay for it. But these money is just to cover materials. It´s not a gold mine! I´m struggling with time. Every new painting is consuming more time than the previous one. Sketching is the same - concerning time, that is. Preperaration of materials is the same. Motives are coming in an acceptable frequence. The real “time-eater”, in the painting/researching process, is the substance of the painting. I want to express more, with less expressive means. But it takes time and a lot of thinking. I´m trying to bypass all intellectual obstructions and paint simple. See for yourself at the site
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6 Responses to Colourful Silence 5

  1. gdare says:

    Great photo, Nic. What were the settings on your camera?

    • meqanic says:

      AUTO! And a steady hand, Darko. After that fiddeling with the contrast, in Microsoft Picture Manager. When the Automatic flash wants to pop up, I just hold it Down with my finger and shoot!

  2. Furie says:

    Love it. Very relaxing picture.

  3. pam says:

    This one makes me feel like I’m sipping wine and looking out the window. I agree with Furie….very relaxing.

  4. meqanic says:

    Great Pam. Thanks. Now I´ll think of good wine every time I pass that strait! :p

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